Finally Nkokwa completes a first project

It took Nkokwa more than 3 years to complete a first project.  Time and time again, we tried to push them to move forward but to no avail.  At least we have now 3 beautiful classrooms and a teacher office.  I wonder how many years it's going to take to complete another building, which they never finished and to renovate their 2 other buildings. It's a pity that parents do not understand the importance of the educaton, not only for their children but also for themselves.

Understandably, this theme was the most important one in my speech during the handover ceremony. We have to keep hitting the same nail, everytime again. Hopefully, they understand the message. I do understand that they are very poor and contributing money for the labor to build classrooms is not easy, but they could also volunteer as they do in other villages.  In many villages, the parents make it happen, so there is no excuse.

The ceremony with the pupils was fine, but we cannot deny not that many parents where present.  It was if they felt ashamed of their behaviour.

Fons Maex