Finally, we can inaugurate a first building at Itunge

Indeed "finally".  This building was more than 2 years overdue. In some villages, people do not seem to understand the importance of education in order to lift them out of poverty. But today, we can celebrate the renovation of a 4-classroom building.  Hopefully, they will take on the next buildings with some more enthousiasm. We still have 4 buildings to go, including a new 4-classroom building.

During the ceremony they promised to roll up their sleeves.  Seeing a first building beautifully renovated always makes them wanting the other buildings become as pretty.  We made them understand the link between poverty and education.  And we told the parents, when their children have to fight for survival, there will be no money left over to give them a helping hand when they are older and needy. Investing in the education is similar in investing in their old days.  Let's hope they do understand the message.  These 500 kids deserve an encouraging environment to study.

Fons Maex