Mwenge renovates 3 buildings

Not so long ago, Mwenge primary school inaugurated a new 4-classroom building, sponsored by my good friend Ichiro from Stork Global (Japan).  And now we are back as they renovated in a record time 3 of their 5 existing buildings.  Quite some achievement!  They promised us to take on the 2 remaining ones immediately so that all their buildings look like new.

However, this school has only some 15 classrooms for their 1600+ pupils, meaning on average we do have more than 100 children per each room. At this moment they also seem to have only 17 teachers, however with a promise that more teachers will be allocated to this school. Let's wait and see if that's going to happen.

That's why we have in our budget money reserved for another new 4-classroom building.  We should build more classrooms but without teachers that makes no sense.

The ceremony was great.  The kids had prepared some songs and we held a dancing competition.  We also distributed some balls for their football and netball teams, which pleased them a lot as they normally play with some rags tied together.  Then it was time to cut some ribbons.

Fons Maex