Ngeleka: where it all started 10 years ago

Today, it's a special day for us.  10 years ago, I traveled for the first time to Tanzania and we visited the primary school of Ngeleka.  Struck by the conditions, under which education was given, I decided to help this school, first with over 6,000 schoolbooks, later with extra classrooms.  And the rest is history as you can see while browsing through this website.  We build and renovated almost a thousand classrooms in some 141 villages.

On that first trip, I was accompagnied by a Dutch chocolatier, Frank Visser.  We became good friends and kept contact.  And now, 10 years later, he's back in Ngeleka, handing over a new 4-classroom building his company sponsored.  For more information about his company: have a look at

You can understand that this was for all of us a very emotional moment.  Everybody was thrilled. Frank promised to bring money together to finance the renovation of an existing building.  Thanks, Frank, on behalf of these 700 kids and their 10 teachers.

Fons Maex